NSG College opens up online courses and certificates programs for Security and Government servants and employees. Our team provides a full list of online degrees for training instructors to evaluate, endorse and credit for achievements. Being a part of International Badges network, our Certification Committees develop comprehend policy for evaluation of NSG College online certification courses.

Planning NSG College programs, we address different needs of trainees: specific security skills, online courses with certificates and international learning credentials, tailored made general and special online programs. Our training Curriculum covers international fields such as international immigration, international cyber attacks and resilience, Middle Eastern conflict and refugees flows, intelligence and surveillance, national and homeland security and so on. NSG College provides special skills courses by top-level lecturers and internationally credited professionals in online IT courses and follows online professional certifications requirement of top certification authorities in Security. NSG College offers private online degree certification programs, which are self-certified by our Certification Committees.


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